About FreakOut Group

The First DSP player in japan.

We FreakOut are the first DSP(Demand Side Platform)player in Japan, with the largest impressions now.

IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

We have started the DSP business since 2010, and then expand the business of DMP(Date Management Platform) and Native Ad Network, has grown steadily, and IPO in June 2014 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.

Marketing technology company focus on Asia.

Employees have exceeded the 120 people in this 5 years. Now, we have developed the business in Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Istanbul, are the global marketing technology company with a focus on Asia.

Our Vision

Give people work that requires a person.

As technology advances and computers learn to perform tasks with greater efficiency, computers have created a work-style revolution. By letting computers do what they are very good at, we, humans can have surplus time to commit to our creativity.

Our vision is that though the use of our technology, people will have more time to dedicate to their creativity. We believe that we can make this world more creative by making the best possible use of technology and humans’ creativity.

FreakOut leads this new movement with advanced technology.
We keep creating better value in the world.

Yuzuru Honda
Founder&Global CEO FreakOut Holdings, inc.

FreakOut Bilişim Reklam ve İletişim Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi

Our Mission

Leading the development of smartphone industry in Turkey.

Smartphone penetration number in Turkey is currently 55 million units, and it has been said to break through the 58 million units in 2018.

FreakOut, which has been leading the ad technology market in Japan, by making full use of state-of-the-art technology also in Turkey, launched a media consulting business in order to achieve a better user experience, and greatly to the development of Turkish smartphone industry We would want contribution.

Native Ad Platform `Hike`

New Style Ad Network Focus On Smartphone

New style ad network ``Hike``

"Hike" is the Ad Network focusing on smartphone In-feed style Native Ads.

Nowadays, the point of contact with the information is shifting to mobile.
It might be able to exceed revenue and preserve user experience by using this ad format which has similar format with contents.

“Hike” is using a similar frame or layout to match website’s or app layout because user feel annoying against the banner ad formats.

Examples of native ads are social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (with the word “sponsored” on) Native ad is specifically displayed between content and is fitted to the tone and manner of the publishers website or layout.
Hereby it perfectly blends into to the content around it.

Both Publisher and Advertiser can get profits efficiently from mobile traffic, keeping their brands with seamless and uninterrupted ads.